Places around VAGABOND Downtown

Nestled in the heart of it all is VAGABOND Downtown Aparthotel, your urban oasis located in Central Passage. Our aparthotel offers a unique blend of comfort and style, making it the ideal home base for your Budapest adventure. In this blog post, we’ll unveil the beauty of our aparthotel and guide you to some of the city’s must-visit attractions and culinary delights.

Museum of Illusions

Embark on an enchanting journey at the Museum of Illusions, a short stroll from VAGABOND Downtown. Immerse yourself in mind-bending exhibits that challenge your perception and reality. From rooms that defy gravity to optical illusions that boggle the mind, this museum promises an experience unlike any other. Ideal for all ages, it’s a great family-friendly activity that will leave you amazed and inspired.

MADHOUSE Bistro & Craft Beer Bar

Indulge your taste buds at MADHOUSE Bistro, an eclectic eatery that captures the essence of Budapest’s vibrant culinary scene. A stone’s throw from our aparthotel, this bistro offers a fusion of international and Hungarian flavors and endless selection of craft beers. From hearty Hungarian goulash to international classics with a twist, MADHOUSE Bistro caters to diverse palates, making it an ideal dining spot during your stay. And they have a dedicated menu of traditional flavors made of local, organic ingredients.

Vegan Garden

Just a short walk from VAGABOND Downtown, the Vegan Garden is a paradise for plant-based food enthusiasts. Delight in a wide array of flavorful dishes crafted with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. From creative vegan burgers to tantalizing desserts, this charming eatery showcases how ethical dining can be a delectable experience.

ARIOSO Budapest Café & Brunch

For a refined brunch experience, venture to ARIOSO Café & Brunch, conveniently located near our aparthotel. Indulge in a symphony of flavors as you savor meticulously prepared dishes in an elegant ambiance. From artisanal pastries to gourmet coffee blends, ARIOSO’s attention to detail is sure to elevate your dining experience to new heights.


Gozsdu Courtyard

Explore the cultural hub of Budapest at Gozsdu Courtyard, a lively pedestrian zone brimming with cafes, bars, boutiques, and galleries. Just a leisurely stroll from VAGABOND Downtown, this passage offers a glimpse into Budapest’s vibrant street life. Whether you’re seeking a charming café to relax in or want to soak in the local arts scene, Gozsdu Courtyard has something for everyone.




Your Budapest journey begins at VAGABOND Downtown, where modern comfort meets old-world charm. With our prime location at Paulay Ede Street 3, you’re at the heart of Budapest’s cultural and culinary delights. Explore the mind-bending exhibits of the Museum of Illusions, savor the diverse flavors at MADHOUSE Bistro and Vegan Garden, indulge in refined dining at ARIOSO Café & Brunch, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Gozsdu Passage. Your unforgettable Budapest adventure awaits. Book your stay with us today and embrace the essence of this captivating city.

Find our reception in Central Passage and you can access it from Paulay Ede street 3 or the other side, from Király street 8-10.