Terms & Conditions


  1. Contracting parties, definitions

1.1. Service Provider: the contracting party providing the service, who, in accordance with the provisions of the contract, transfers the Apartment to the Guest for a fee.

Service Provider details:

Vagabond Hotels Ltd.

Registered office: 1083 Budapest, Práter utca 6-8. C. lház. Ground floor. 002.

Company registration number: 01 09 966962

Registry court: Metropolitan Court of Budapest Company Registration Court

Tax number: 23468290-2-42

Phone number: +36 30 011 6507

Email address: operation@vagabondhotels.com

Service Provider’s website: www.vagabondhotels.com

Address of the Service Provider’s central office: 1083 Budapest, Práter utca 6-8. C. lház. Ground floor. 002.

Hosting service provider details:

Company name: D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions

Registered office: 66 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris, France

Tax number: FR35 431513852

Email address: ahorvath@d-edge.com

Contact person: Ádám Horváth

1.2. Guest: the contracting party who uses the service.

1.3. Parties: collectively the Service Provider and the Guest.

1.4. Contract: an agreement concluded between the Service Provider and the Guest in accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 3 of the GTC, consisting of this GTC and the Individual Agreement.

1.5. Service: the temporary, definite transfer of the Apartment for accommodation purposes in exchange for a fee.

1.6. Apartment: the property specified in the Contract, where the Guest may stay for the specified duration.

1.7. Arrival day: the first day of service provision specified in the Contract, on which the Guest is obliged to vacate the Accommodation by 10 a.m.

1.8. Departure day: the last day of service provision specified in the Contract.

1.9. GTC: General Terms and Conditions

1.10. Individual Agreement: an unwritten agreement containing the individual terms of the reservation made by the Guest between the Parties.


2. Purpose of the GTC

2.1. The purpose of these GTC is to regulate the legal relationship between the Parties.

2.2. By finalizing the reservation, the Guest acknowledges that they have become acquainted with and accepted all provisions of the GTC on the Service Provider’s website or through the Service Provider’s customer service, and considers them binding upon themselves. In case of any discrepancies between the provisions of the GTC and the Individual Agreement concluded between the Parties, the provisions of the Individual Agreement shall prevail.

Booking methods, conclusion and temporal validity of the contract, language of the contract

3. Online booking, booking process

3.1. The Guest can book the Service online on the Service Provider’s website www.vagabondhotels.com, following the booking instructions on the website, as well as through accommodation intermediary websites. During the online booking process, the Guest accepts the general terms and conditions of the Service posted on the Service Provider’s website and the House Rules, which are part of the contract.

3.2. The contract is concluded and becomes effective when the Service Provider accepts (confirms) the Guest’s online booking by sending an electronic email to the email address provided by the Guest. If you do not find the email, please check your SPAM folder. If the confirmation email is not found there either, please contact the Service Provider. The confirmation email contains the details of the reservation, and the Service Provider sends the GTC as an attachment to the email, which the Guest has reviewed and accepted before making the reservation. The contract is not considered a written contract. The Service Provider does not register the contract.

3.3. The contract is concluded between the Parties with the confirmation email sent by the Service Provider.

3.4. The Service Provider is not responsible for damages arising from incorrectly or falsely provided data; the Guest is responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided.

3.5. Steps of booking:

3.5.1. The Guest clicks on the “BOOK NOW” button on the www.vagabondhotels.com website.

3.5.2. The Guest selects the appropriate options for “Hotel, Number of adults, Number of children.” The Guest has the option to enter a “Promo code.”

3.5.3. The Guest selects the desired period of stay on the calendar view, then clicks the “BOOK” button to filter the options.

3.5.4. By clicking on the “SELECT” button, the Guest can choose the appropriate option.

3.5.5. By clicking on the “CONTINUE” button, the Guest incurs payment obligations for the booking, and after providing the requested personal and card details, finalizes the booking.

Booking through customer service

3.6. If the Guest does not book Accommodation through the Service Provider’s website, the contract can be concluded at the Service Provider’s customer service by signing the Individual Agreement or by filling out the electronic registration form. Additionally, the Guest can make a reservation by sending an email to operation@vagabondhotels.com. In this case, the Individual Agreement is concluded when the Service Provider confirms the reservation via email.


3.7. If the Guest wishes to modify the booking after the conclusion of the contract but before using the Service, the modification is valid only if the Service Provider has accepted and confirmed it in writing. Confirmation via email constitutes written acceptance.

Temporal validity of the contract

3.8. The contract is concluded for the duration specified in the booking and confirmed by the Service Provider.

3.9. If the Guest vacates the Apartment before the expiration of the specified period and does not wish to return, the Service Provider is entitled to the full fee for the service specified in the contract. In such cases, the Service Provider must ensure that the Guest does not wish to return to the Apartment, and in this case, the Service Provider is not obliged to reserve the Apartment for the Guest and is entitled to rent it to a third party.

3.10. The Guest is only entitled to extend the specified period with the prior written consent of the Service Provider.

Language of the contract

3.11. The contract is concluded in Hungarian or English, depending on the Guest’s choice at the time of booking.


4. Service fees

4.1. The fees for the Service and current discounts are available on the Service Provider’s website. Additional fees beyond the Service fee are outlined in the House Rules.

4.2. The Guest can book Accommodation at the current rates published on the Service Provider’s website, and after booking, the Service Provider is not entitled to unilaterally modify the service fee.

4.3. With the exception of booking pages such as szallas.hu and hotelbeds.com, the Service fees do not include the 4% tourist tax. If the tourist tax is not included in the price, the Service Provider will charge it separately, and it will be payable along with the accommodation fee.

4.4. The fees specified in HUF are for informational purposes only – the Accommodation fee must be paid in EUR, and any potential additional bank charges will be borne by the Guest.

5. Payment methods

5.1. If the Guest reserves Accommodation on-site and thus concludes the contract at the Service Provider’s customer service, the Guest is required to pay the service fee in full by bank transfer or credit card before the Apartment is handed over.

5.2. If the Guest books online, the service fee can be paid immediately or later according to the Guest’s preference.

a) Immediate payment (prepaid or NON REF):

The Guest must pay the full service fee – minus any discounts – with a credit card through the payment system offered on the Service Provider’s website after finalizing the booking. The Service Provider calculates the total service fee in EUR after the booking. With immediate payment, the Guest is entitled to the discounts listed on the Service Provider’s website.

b) Normal payment:

If the Guest does not choose immediate payment, the Guest provides the Service Provider with valid credit card details during the booking and undertakes to pay the full service fee on the day of arrival, before the Apartment is handed over. The Guest is not required to pay a deposit, but the Service Provider reserves the right to temporarily withhold a certain amount as a guarantee before arrival. The Guest accepts that if they fail to fulfill their payment obligation and do not cancel the reservation in accordance with General Terms and Conditions point 6, the Service Provider is entitled to charge the Guest’s credit card for the full amount of the service.

5.3. If the amount on the credit card does not cover the debt, the reservation is invalid.

6. Cancellation of reservation; “no-show”

6.1. The Guest is entitled to cancel their reservation free of charge in writing or by email if the cancellation is made within the free cancellation period specified in the cancellation policy. In case of cancellation beyond this period, the Service Provider will proceed according to the cancellation terms available on the reservation page. If the Guest has partially or fully paid the service fee, the Service Provider will refund the amount within 30 days of the cancellation to the Guest’s bank account if the Guest is entitled to a free cancellation according to the cancellation terms. The transfer costs are borne by the Guest.

6.2. If the Guest fails to cancel their reservation and does not arrive at the Service Provider’s on the Arrival date specified in the reservation for the purpose of occupying the Apartment, or if the Guest fails to notify the Service Provider of their arrival on a later date or on a different day, the obligation to provide the Service ceases at midnight on the Arrival date. After this, the Service Provider is entitled to the full service fee, and is not obliged to reserve the Apartment for the Guest, but is entitled to rent it to a third party.

6.3. Cancellation terms

Cancellation terms may vary depending on the reservation. Please check the exact cancellation terms on the reservation page. Note that different cancellation terms apply to bookings that can be modified/canceled within the deadline and to non-refundable bookings in case of cancellation.


7. Handover of the Apartment, check-out time, and conditions (check-in and check-out)

7.1. Check-in is done in person. The Apartment can be occupied (check-in) from 3:00 PM local time on the Arrival date specified in the booking. Upon check-in, the Guest must present a valid credit card. The Service Provider is entitled to request a cash deposit or a credit card guarantee.

7.2. The Guest must vacate the Apartment by 10:00 AM at the latest (check-out) on the Departure date.

If the Guest fails to vacate the Apartment by 10:00 AM on the Departure date, then from 10:00 AM until departure, the Guest must pay an additional fee of 30 EUR per hour to the Service Provider. The Guest is obligated to pay this fee even if they informed the Service Provider of their intention to depart later.

7.3. In the event that the Guest loses the garage gate opener or the key to the Apartment, they must pay a lump sum compensation of 100 EUR to the Service Provider.

8. Other rights and obligations of the Parties, behavioral rules

8.1. The Guest may use the Apartment and the building it is located in in accordance with its current function and purpose.

8.2. The Service Provider provides the service booked and paid for by the Guest in accordance with the provisions of the contract.

8.3. The Guest may keep a pet in the Apartment only with the prior written consent of the Service Provider, who is entitled to charge an additional fee of 15 EUR per night for this.

8.4. Only as many guests as specified in the booking may use the Apartment. The Guest is not entitled to sublet the Apartment.

8.5. The Apartments are fully furnished. By occupying the Apartment, the Guest acknowledges the presence and good condition of the furniture and equipment in the Apartment.

8.6. Smoking is prohibited in the Apartments. If the Service Provider’s employees or other agents, intermediaries (e.g., cleaning service), observe the Guest smoking in the Apartment, or if the smoke detector indicates this, the Guest must pay a lump sum compensation of 100 EUR to the Service Provider.

8.7. The Guest must immediately notify the Service Provider if they notice any damage to the Apartment or its furniture, equipment, or if there is a malfunction in any of the furniture and equipment. The Guest is responsible for any damage caused by them in the Apartment or its furnishings and equipment. The Guest is also responsible for damages caused by third parties in the Apartment if the Guest allowed the third party into the Apartment.

8.8. The Guest accepts and must comply with the behavioral rules specified in the House Rules, which are attached to this General Terms and Conditions and are also displayed in the Apartment.

8.9. If, due to reasons within the Service Provider’s sphere of interest (e.g., transfer to another person, temporary operational issues, fault in the Apartment, etc.), the Service Provider cannot provide the service specified in the contract or hand over the reserved Apartment to the Guest, then the Service Provider must arrange accommodation for the Guest as follows:

The Service Provider offers the service specified in the contract at another accommodation of the same category for the duration specified in the contract or – if the Apartment is temporarily unfit for accommodation due to a fault – until the fault is rectified, for the previously confirmed fee. The Service Provider bears all costs of the replacement accommodation. If the Service Provider fulfills the above obligations, or if the Guest accepts the alternative accommodation offered to them, the Guest cannot claim compensation retroactively.


9. Complaint Handling

The Service Provider’s aim is to provide the service in accordance with the contract and to the complete satisfaction of the Guests. However, if the Guest has any complaints regarding the service, they can submit them verbally or in writing to the Service Provider. Complaints can also be submitted via email, and the Guest can resort to alternative dispute resolution by turning to a conciliation body or lodging a complaint with the competent district office.

The Guest can address their complaint intended for the Service Provider to the email address operation@vagabondhotels.com, verbally at the Service Provider’s customer service (1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 3.), or by sending a postal letter to the registered office (1083 Budapest, Práter utca 6-8. C. lház. Fszt. 002.) or the central office address (1083 Budapest, Práter utca 6-8. C. lház. Fszt. 002.).

The Service Provider promptly investigates verbal complaints and remedies them as necessary. If the Guest disagrees with the handling of the complaint or if an immediate investigation is not possible, the Service Provider immediately prepares a record of the complaint and its position on it and sends a copy of it to the Guest by post or email or, in the case of a verbal complaint communicated by telephone or other electronic communication service, sends it electronically within 30 days of the complaint, at the latest simultaneously with the response.

The Service Provider responds in writing to written complaints (including those received by email) as soon as possible but no later than within 30 days of receipt. The Service Provider provides reasons for rejecting the complaint.

If the Guest encounters a problem, they can also use the online dispute resolution provided by the European Commission, details of which can be found at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home.howitworks. The initiation of online dispute resolution can be done at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home.selfTest.

The Guest can also initiate conciliation proceedings, which the Service Provider cooperates with. A Guest who qualifies as a consumer can file their request with the Conciliation Board competent for their place of residence or domicile or, alternatively, the Conciliation Board competent for the Service Provider’s registered office. The contact details of the Conciliation Boards competent for consumer disputes are available on the website https://bekeltetes.hu/udvozlo under the Menus section. In the absence of domestic residence or domicile, the jurisdiction of the Conciliation Board is based on the registered office of the company involved in the consumer dispute or the body authorized to represent it. The Conciliation Board competent for the registered office of the Service Provider is the Budapest Conciliation Board (1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. I. em. 111.; phone: +36 (1) 488 21 31; email: bekelteto.testulet@bkik.hu; mailing address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.; website: https://bekeltet.bkik.hu).

Further information on conciliation procedures can be found on the website https://bekeltetes.hu/tartalom/21/menu/8. More information on submitting requests is available at https://bekeltetes.hu/tartalom/22/menu/9.

Regarding consumer complaints, the Guest may also contact the locally competent district office. The district office acts as the first instance authority in consumer protection matters. The jurisdiction of the district offices can be found at http://jarasinfo.gov.hu/.

In addition to addressing consumer complaints, the Guest can also turn to the European Consumer Center. Complaints can be submitted at https://www.magyarefk.hu/hu/ or by contacting them at the following address: Postal address: 1357 Budapest, Pf. 2.; email: info@magyarefk.hu; phone: +36 1 896 77 47.

10. Liability for Damages

10.1. The Guest may stay in the apartment at their own risk and discretion.

10.2. The Guest acknowledges that the building where the Apartment is located does not have a reception, porter, or security service. The Service Provider is not liable for any damages caused to the Guest or to persons staying in the Apartment during the provision of the Service, as well as for valuables and belongings left in the Apartment or the building.

10.3. The Guest is liable for any damage caused in the apartment or its furnishings by the Guest or any third party or pet admitted to the Apartment by the Guest.

10.4. If the Guest has provided a deposit to the Service Provider, the Service Provider is entitled to use the deposit to compensate for damages caused in the Apartment or its furnishings. The Guest is obliged to pay for damages exceeding the amount of the deposit. If the Guest has provided card details as a deposit, then these card details will be used for covering damages.

11. Termination of the Contract

11.1. The Guest is only entitled to cancel the reservation within the cancellation period specified in point 6.1.

11.2. The Guest acknowledges that, pursuant to Section 29 (1) l) of Government Decree No. 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed rules of contracts between consumers and businesses, they are not entitled to withdraw from or terminate the contract.

11.3. The Service Provider may terminate the contract with immediate effect if the Guest:

  1. a) does not use the Apartment in accordance with its intended purpose, causes damage to the furnishings or equipment in the Apartment, or
  2. b) behaves in a manner contrary to peaceful coexistence with neighbors or persons living or staying in the building, violates the safety rules of the accommodation or the House Rules; displays offensive, threatening, or other behavior contrary to the general rules of community living under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or
  3. c) breaches a material obligation under the contract and does not cease the behavior constituting a breach of the contract following a request for cessation.

In the event of termination with immediate effect, the Service Provider is not obliged to refund the paid fee for the service – either in whole or in part. The Service Provider is entitled to retain the entire amount paid as lump-sum compensation.

12. Data Protection

12.1. The Service Provider processes the personal data provided by the Guest upon booking in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) and Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information. The purpose of data processing includes providing accommodation services; concluding the contract; registering the Guest; performing the service, including reservation, invoicing, tourist tax payment, and communication with Guests; as well as fulfilling contractual obligations and handling complaints. Detailed information on data processing can be found on the Service Provider’s website www.vagabondhotels.com. By making the reservation, the Guest acknowledges having read the data processing information.

13. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction

13.1. Matters not regulated in the contract are governed by Hungarian laws, particularly the provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code.

13.2. This GTC is available in Hungarian and English. In the event of any discrepancy between the Hungarian and English versions, the Hungarian version shall prevail.

13.3. The Parties shall primarily settle any disputes arising between them amicably. If the amicable settlement of the dispute is unsuccessful, the Hungarian courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the disputes.

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