Personal Data


The amendment to Act CLVI of 2016 on State Functions Pertaining to the Development of Tourism Regions entered into effect on 1 January 2021. The amendment requires accommodation providers to store the data specified by law from accommodation service users in the data storage location designated by the Government for the purposes specified in the Act. The hosting service provider specified by the Government is the Hungarian Tourism Agency (HTA). The HTA’s hosting tasks introduced in the amendemnt are performed by the Closed Guest Information Database system (Vendég Információs Zárt Adatbázis, VIZA).

WHEN THE PERSON USING THE ACCOMMODATION SERVICE CHECKS IN, THE ACCOMMODATION PROVIDER RECORDS THE FOLLOWING DATA USING THE ID SCANNER, WITH THE AID OF THE PMS, WHICH STORES THE DATA IN THE SPACE SPECIFIED BY THE GOVERNMENT DECREE: first name and family name; first name and family name at birth; place and date of birth; sex; citizenship; mother’s first name and family name at birth; the identification data on the identity card or travel document.

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